The law offices of Gary E. Myers offer a variety of estate planning services tailored to meet the needs of clients concerned with the preservation and orderly transfer of assets. The firm also has experience in representing fiduciaries in the post-death administration of decedents’ trusts and estates. The estate plans range from simple wills and testamentary trusts to complex and intricately designed trusts, special needs trusts, gift giving plans and plans for the transfer of family assets to younger generations, all utilizing the most current and advantageous planning methods. Each plan is uniquely designed in a manner that achieves the client’s various estate planning objectives. In addition, the use of durable powers of attorney and patient advocate designations (especially in this changing landscape regarding HIPAA compliance) provides continuity and flexibility in the event of the client’s incapacity. Advanced planning techniques are utilized in order to preserve and protect accumulated wealth for current and future generations. Commonly used tools include irrevocable life insurance trusts, family limited liability companies, grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, generation skipping trusts and charitable trusts.

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The law offices of Gary E. Myers include the representation of fiduciaries in the administration of estates, trusts, conservatorships and guardianships. The firm undertakes planning with clients to minimize post-death taxation, probate costs and delays. The firm has expertise in providing representation with respect to estate settlement disputes and the management and distribution of trust and estate assets, and issues related to elder law. The firm also has experience in contested probate matters. The firm’s probate clients include individuals with substantial personal estates, individual trustees and personal representatives, as well as disinherited family members and other interested persons.

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The law offices of Gary E. Myers advocate for the elderly and their loved ones. The firm handles a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person, including issues related to health care, long term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other important matters. The firm can help with any one of the following: Discuss the importance of wills and estate planning, including planning for a minor or adult with special needs, probate proceedings, and other matters; Create a durable power of attorney; Provide help with health care and planning, including long term care options, patient rights, Medicare, and health care power of attorney; Financial representation, financial planning (including durable financial power of attorney); housing opportunities and planning, income, estate, and gift tax matters; Guardianship: help with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian; Help locate long term care facilities and manage assisted living cost; Explain nursing home resident rights and help file nursing home claims; Draft a living will or other advance directives, including a durable power of attorney and long term planning documents.

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The law offices of Gary E. Myers represent both commercial and individuals in proceedings and transactions that deal with real property. The firm represents clients who are purchasing and selling real estate, whether the property is a single-family residence, multi-family dwelling, cooperative apartment, condominium unit, vacant or otherwise undeveloped parcel. The firm also reviews and resolves title issues as well as any related issues required to clear legal title.  In basic transactions, the firm’s representation can begin with the negotiation of a contract of sale and end with the successful closing. However, the law firm is available to provide further advice and counsel with regard to financing/re-financing, leases, and issues related to ongoing property management. The firm provides a full range of legal services in connection with real estate development, including site acquisition, land use, zoning, environmental audit matters and construction contracts.

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The law office of Gary E. Myers provides a wide variety of services to business clients, including counseling them in choosing the appropriate entity for their business based on business, tax and legal objectives and preferences, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited liability companies (LLC), S corporations, traditional corporations and joint ventures. The law firm has experience in designing and drafting stockholder/partner/LLC member buy-sell and control agreements, as well as providing advice and representation to clients in connection with stockholder/partner/LLC member disputes. The firm also provides representation in all business-related matters, including entity formation or incorporation and filing of the appropriate documents, business planning, employee relations, debtor/creditor matters, and contract negotiation and drafting, including real estate and commercial construction contracts.

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